More on Competition


LS1Tech was discussed in an earlier post, and although it is not a direct competitor, it does compete for some of the web traffic and keyword. has about 30% more organic keyword search volume than LS1Tech (Corvette Forum’s closest keyword competitor).  LS1Tech is a forum where members can discuss the LS1 Engine, its applications (including the Corvette), and modifications.  Here is one quote from a forum member, “CorvetteForum is okay, LS1Tech is better if you’re thinking about modifying your LS1.” is a forum dedicated to all things Corvette.  Ranging from the very first Corvette, to rumors of Corvettes that are not even released yet.  When someone asked which Corvette forum was the best, this is the answer he got.  “Pretty much the only one worth a damn.”  The same individual that asked the question later posted “I’m enjoying perusing the classifieds over at CorvetteForum right now…” And the classifieds at are great.  They have sections for car and part dealers.  Many dealerships are active in the Forum Community and often post deals and specials, and as a result, they tend to have the most advertising presence within the Corvette Forums.


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